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Rebel Soul Revival navigates through classic southern rock waters, picking up elements of funk and jam rock along the way. Based out of Chicago, IL (USA) they are an original band that prides itself on the unique and energetic show and experience they give to fans at every revival. 

MATT KEEN (guitar,vocals) had been developing the idea of a pure rock and roll group based on the music he loves for some time. The name he discovered early but it took years before his vision was realized. Founded in the summer of 2014 when Matt Keen met the incredibly talented Andrew Vogt and Max Popp, Rebel Soul Revival began working in and around Chicago and the midwest. As they honed their sound they began working with some bigger bands in the scene like Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown, Bronze Radio Return, The Delta Saints, JJ Grey and Mofro, Black Oak Arkansas, Saigon Kick and more. 

Songs off the bands freshman EP REBEL like 'The Night' tell tales of ancient Norse mythology and are indicative of the more ethereal side of the band. Keen is a rocker at heart and has always gotten straight to the point with his scorching vocals and killer guitar licks. On songs like 'Left In Contention' and 'Help Me Baby' which are reminiscent of early Doors and Zeppelin, Keen bends his guitar strings and his vocals as he screeches out his truths about the world he sees.

Their sophomore project SOUL which was released in 2017 was a more progressive and involved record for RsR. Songs like 'Chase Me' and 'You Know I Do' play on the theme of love and the innate struggles that seem to accompany it. 'SOUL' also delved into the demons Keen battles with and is inspired by when he's writing. 'Tavern Lights' is about the struggles of spending to much time in a barroom and how that's played out in the bands efforts to try and stay focused on the music. 

On the heels of a of a music video and single from the band, In September of 2018 the released , REBEL SOUL REVIVAL. The tunes and themes tackled on the record are complex and indicative of the groups growth over the last couple years. With a strong response these boys are poised to keep growing and are definitely ones to keep an eye out for in 2019. Coming off their six week AFTERGLOW TOUR, RsR had a busy 2018 and is set to record a new record and hit the road again behind it. Their ROAD SIGNS AND REVELATIONS TOUR 2019 kicks off in February 2019 and the boys can't wait. 

The current lineup consists of DREW DOEPKE (guitar, vocals) A devoted student of the blues and soul music scene Doepke elicits an unrivaled passion illustrated in his playing. A successful solo artist and songwriter in his own right he has really grown into an incredible performer and staple member of RsR. Having worked with accomplished rock, rap, funk, and soul groups Drew blends between genres and definition generating a truly unique sound. 

(Drummer) AARON MARTINEZ joined in the Summer of 2015 and has been helping drive the group ever since. Coming from a metal and metalcore background Martinez has truly shown his versatility in the styles he utilizes in RsR. He has a look and energy that Keen had been searching for and is one of the most exciting live drummers to watch play.

(Bassist) EVAN STOCK joined RsR in the Fall of 2018 and as an accomplished band leader and multi-instrumentalist in his own right he's bringing a new passion and creativity to the project. A student of the blues and rock music scene as well his chops on guitar have easily translated to bass and he was an instant fit for the bands during jams over the summer. Helping get through a transition in RsR's lineup and finish out 2018 he's quickly become a very fitting member of the band. His playing is exactly what the music needed and it's elicited some really exciting new tunes. 


RsR have been hard at work on their new album PREACH POLLUTION which is set to drop in Summer of 2019. Along with a host of new single releases they have in store over the coming months it's looking like they're prepping for a busy year. The music is getting more technical and to the point as they continue to push the limits of each genre they pursue. The essence of true rock and roll is alive and well in this band.


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