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Rebel Soul Revival navigates through southern rock waters, picking up elements of funk and jam rock along the way.


Matt Keen (guitar,vocals) had been developing the idea of a pure rock and roll group based on the music he loves for some time. The name he discovered early but it took years before his vision was realized. Founded in the summer of 2014 when Matt Keen met the incredibly talented Andrew Vogt and Max Popp, Rebel Soul Revival began working in and around Chicago.


The current lineup consists of Bay St. Louis, MO native Steven Andrew Doepke (guitar, vocals) A devoted student of the blues and soul music scene Doepke elicits an unrivaled passion illustrated in his playing and performance. His addition to the effort has made all the difference. 


(Drummer) Aaron Martinez joined the band in the Summer of 2015 and has been helping drive the group ever since. Originally entering into music as a metal/core drummer he truly demonstrates his versatility in RsR. He brings an energy to the band that Keen had been searching for and is one of the most exciting live drummers to watch play. 


(Bassist) Evan Stock joined in the Fall of 2018. As an accomplished band leader and multi-instrumentalist Stock brings an exciting creative element and driven focus on the progression of the music. 


Their searing live shows and original approach have left audiences in their native Chicago committed to the future of the band. Having toured extensively throughout the midwest, RsR has made their sole goal to get their music into the hands of their fans and to make new ones at each show. They pride themselves on giving the same show to ten or a thousand people. 


At the end of 2017 the band entered the studio again to record their debut, self-titled, full length album. The tunes and themes tackled on the record are complex and indicative of the groups growth over the last couple years. With a release date set for sometime in late 2018 these boys are poised to keep growing and are definitely ones to keep an eye out for.


Coming off their six week Afterglow Tour, RsR is set to keep working hard in the midwest and will be at a host of awesome festivals in 2018. Having released Rebel Soul Revival in the Fall of 2018 the band set it sights on another tour and another album. They've been busy booking shows and writing new songs for their upcoming album Preach Pollution, due out in the Summer of 2019. 


He noted that it’s easy, especially for the current generation, to be taken out of the moment because they’re more apt to reach for their cellphones to snap or update a Facebook status. This is an inevitable reality. However, the goal of his band, said Keen is to create an energy and have the fans take that energy out into the world. "You've got to be present to make that happen." 

        - Nicole Weskerna The Kane County Chronicle 


To book Rebel Soul Revival for a festival, show, or event feel free to contact us with any inquiries.


"Rebel Soul Revival navigates through classic rock waters picking up elements of funk and jam rock along the way,"

       - Brian Shamie The Daily Herald

These guys are the real deal. I've seen them play with the same energy to a crowd of five people same as to a crowd of five hundred. They are restoring my faith in live rock and roll. 

     - Tony Harrison The Hairy Ant Design Co. 

Left In Contention - Rebel Soul Revival
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Rebel Soul Revival is a band that deserves to be heard. They harness an unrivaled passion and when they lay it on unsuspecting audiences it's a hell of a sight. 

     - Ron Spraggins Tour Manager @ The Main Squeeze & Noname

This is the perfect combination of soul, blues, fresh guitar playing and masterful lyrics. Simply a mystery and power within this mans music. Rebel Soul Revival has an intangible 'something' that makes them great. Definitely a band to look out for.

     - Chris Dobson  I-tunes

"It's rare to find a musician in this day and age who wants to actually be themselves. Matt Keen shares his soul in a way that can only make you believe and love how genuine Rebel Soul Revival's music really is"

     - John Francis Source Music Inc

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